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Slate Floors impact a rustic look, but can detract when:

  1. DEEP CLEANING – Rustic and craggy, but those crags have a habit of collecting dirt and depending on your cleaner sticky wax – which collects dirt. MARBLELIFE can strip away this built up debris and restore a clean surface, at which point you can decide you have what you need or we can enhance the finish or sheen.
  2. STRIPPING OLD COATING – The original floor finish has yellowed and begun to flake away, and you need the old coating removed and the floor refinished. MARBLELIFE can chemically clean your surface removing this ancient coating, and the refinish to your desire.
    Slate Old Coating
  3. COLOR DEEPENING (ENHANCEMENT) – Your tastes change and you prefer a change in finish or to enrich the color. MARBELIFE can deepen the color as seen in the image below but with
  4. FINISH ENHANCEMENT – You started with a matte but now think you would prefer a SATIN or GLOSS finish.
  5. FLATTENING - You prefer a FLAT easier to clean floor.
    Slate Restoration Image

MARBLELIFE has Slate Solutions for each requirement. No need to replace when you can adjust your slate in so many creative ways.

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